October 29th, 2019



After waking rather late, I spent much of the afternoon doing some cleaning and rearranging in preparation for the cold weather that will surely arrive in the next few weeks. I brought the electric blanket out again, since it got pretty chilly last night and I could have used it. I'll have it tonight, so won't need to put the extra weight of a second blanket on the bed.

Around five o'clock I went over to the Plaza, but didn't buy anything. I did see four books I might get tomorrow on senior discount day, if they are still there, or nothing I want more comes in. The parking lots at this end of the center have been repaved, and the fresh, dark asphalt has been completed just in time to get swaths of golden leaves strewn across it. I don't know how long it takes for the variety of trees in the parking lots to lose all their leaves, but they are coming down pretty fast already.

Less wind today meant some gains were made against the fire in Sonoma County, though it continued to spread, now moving a bit to the northeast into Lake County, where evacuation orders have been imposed in some areas. Tuesday the wind will pick up again, but it will be from the northeast, so Lake County should get a break. Of course that means things could get worse again for Sonoma County. So far, though quite a few isolated houses and at least one winery have been destroyed, the fire has been kept out of the evacuated towns. That's one of the great advantages of early warnings. It's too bad last year's fire came on so quickly, or more of the ridge might have been saved.

Mild days and chilly nights will continue for the next two weeks. Monday, November 11, is currently predicted to have a 40% chance of rain. The weather pattern might sift enough that we get rain before then, but it doesn't look like we'll be getting any help with the current fires. We could use a couple of good storms to bring this fire season to an end, before any more major conflagrations get started. Again, we probably won't get them. Well, maybe we'll get some by Christmas, though I wan't hold my breath. At least not as along as the smoke stays away.