October 25th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Fall Apart

Donuts have been procured from Grocery Outlet and a chocolate bar plus some yellow zucchini and a package of speculuus cookies from Trader Joe's. There were no books today. Off an on (very much on right now) one of my teeth that I haven't dealt with yet has been giving me trouble. At times it makes my whole jaw ache. I'm sure something really bad (and probably expensive) is going on in there. I'll most likely have to down some ibuprofen tonight before I can get to sleep.

Because of the tooth I haven't eaten any dinner, and I'm getting quite hungry. I'm thinking I might cook one of the squash in some miso broth, then ad the whole mess to some overdone (and therefore very easily chewed) ramen. I have been thinking about going to a bus-accessible store tomorrow afternoon, but if my tooth is still aching I surely won't feel like getting out. It's times like this that I really miss the easy distraction of television. Reading requires too much concentration.

I don't deal well with pain, but at least I have nice weather to be miserable in, though it's also dangerous weather. A good sized fore has broken out in Sonoma County, and the entire town of Geyserville had to be evacuated. It's even worse in southern California, where a large fire is burning near some of the very pricey suburbs that have been built in the rugged region north of the San Fernando Valley. Several houses have already been devoured there, and a few more in the northern California fire.

And there is one bit of personal good news. I have no PG&E bill this month. In fact I have a credit of $3.26 toward next month's bill. This is the second time this year I've gotten off without a bill, due to the California Climate Credit program which rewards utility users for low usage. It might be the result of the fact that last year I was living in a larger place that used way more energy than this small apartment does, so I'm being credited for reducing my energy use when it wasn't really me, it was the place. If that's the case I won't be getting these big credits next year, but I'll have to wait until April (I think) to find out. In the meantime, yay, no bill this month. Now what can I squander the savings on?