October 20th, 2019



Last night I slept a bit better, and woke at a reasonable hour (a few minutes short of noon) and had a reasonably normal day. A visit to the Goodwill store brought me a copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology, which was the first book about Greek myths I ever read, acquired from the Alhambra Public Library when I was about twelve or thirteen. It is not a book greatly admired by scholars, and before the fire I had both Hamilton's book and the more respectable one compiled by Robert Graves, But I'm glad to have this copy, well-used though it is.

I also bought a mystery novel, Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. I wasn't going to get it, but read the cover blurb which said that Horowitz was the creator of two BBC series that I liked, Midsomer Murders and Foyle's War, so that convinced me to give it a try. It's unlikely that I'll get around to reading it anytime soon, since I've now got so many other books to read. I should probably ease up on the book buying, but I probably won't.

I stopped at one of the dollar stores to pic up some dish washing liquid, and hoped to get some Chinese almond cookies a well, but they had none of the cookies. There wasn't even a vacant place on the shelf where they used to be, so perhaps they aren't going to stock them anymore. That would be unfortunate. A ritzier version of the almond cookies made by the same company is available at the regular supermarkets, but at a considerably higher price, so I'm unlikely to indulge in them very often.

Returning home from the stores I passed through the carnival again, and though a couple more food trucks showed up today I still decided not to buy anything, They don't seem to have any provision for takeout orders, providing no packaging whatsoever, so I would have to eat their wares at the carnival, amid the odor of diesel exhaust from the generators. Plus if I wanted beer (which I would) I'd have to pay way too much for it. So I came home and made sandwiches, and had two bottles of good beer for about what one glass of crappy beer would have cost me there. Still,if they had had real carnival music (a barrel organ, a calliope, even some digital equivalent,) I might have eaten there anyway, but that common pop crap over the loudspeakers makes me so sad for the lost world of old school carnivals that I just wanted to get out of there.

While the mockingbird is once again providing concerts daily near my back yard, I find that I really miss the crickets once night falls. The quiet, broken only by the occasional truck passing on the freeway or a train on the other side of town, fills me with melancholy, and not the sadly enjoyable kind. I'd just as soon stay in the apartment and read, and forget for a while the dull life I have now.