October 10th, 2019



So this neighborhood turned out not to be one of those that got an outage, so all the stuff in the freezer is safe. For now anyway. High winds can lead to unplanned outages as well as planned outages. It got pretty blustery here today, though I'm sure it was way more intense in the mountains. This wind event is supposed to end late tomorrow, and currently there are no more in the forecast, but that can change quickly this time of year. We area bout to get almost a week of fairly warm days, but a week from tomorrow there could be rain. Again, this far off nothing can be certain, but it would be nice to have another bit of rain.

Last night I didn't sleep well at all, and ended up not getting up until half past two this afternoon. Then I didn't feel very well, so I didn't go anywhere. I'll have to go out soon since I'm low on beer again, plus it's that time of month when I have to do some banking. I should plan on getting out Friday, though I'm not looking forward to it. There are all sorts of things I'm not looking forward to these days. I'm not adjusting at all well to my altered circumstances. There's no way to un-alter them though.

On thing that did cheer me up a little bit today (in addition to listening to the mockingbird, which always cheers me up) is that I saw a young lizard climbing the fence. It could be one of the offspring of the larger lizard who was hanging around the back yard earlier this year. I don't know what kind of lizard it is, but it's fairly small and mostly greyish, and has cute little feet. It sits still for a while, then moves very fast. I haven't given it a name yet, but probably will eventually if it keeps visiting. I hope it's careful if it goes out onto the bike path.