October 7th, 2019

caillebotte_man at his window

No Joking

There was no ride to Safeway, but I made a tedious walk to Grocery Outlet for donuts, and also picked up a box of miso broth and a box of butternut squash soup (boxes of soup are a bit on the large side for me, and I have a hard time finishing them before they get too old, but these are what is available so I buy them.) Next time I go to Trader Joe's I'll pick up some scallions and some mushrooms to go in the miso. I haven't had miso since I let Los Angeles over 3 years ago, so I hope this stuff is good.

Sunday is sort of a not-real day to me anymore, at least when I don't go to Safeway, which is what I usually got to do in Paradise, but not here. Here there isn't much of anything going on, though when I went to Grocery Outlet I noticed that there were a lot of cars in the parking lot on this side of the Plaza, which is usually empty on Sunday. The crowd of cars must have been from the Joker movie that opened in the multiplex a few days ago. From what I've heard it's a very grim and humorless movie, and I hope its success doesn't presage a whole slew of such, though it probably will. The current world seems grim enough to me, without a bunch of Joker fans filling it.

We are supposed to get two hot days now, then drop back into the seventies for most of the next couple of weeks. I'm a bit worried about Wednesday and Thursday, which are expected to be quite windy. Even after last year's widespread devastation there is still plenty of stuff to burn out there, and fires and wind are not a good combination. I'd feel better if there were some rain in the forecast, but there's none in sight.

Once again the best part of the day was sitting in the back yard listening to the mockingbird. It was busy singing most of the afternoon, every time I went out. It's nice to have the bird back, and nice to have the yard back, too, since it was intolerable for more than a few minutes at a time during the hot weeks. Whatever comes up next, at least it's unlikely I'll have to go through such miserable heat again until next year. Thanks, October.

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