September 17th, 2019



Very early Monday morning rain began, and within an hour it had become quite intense, and we got several peals of thunder. Rain makes the traffic on the freeway much louder, so I had to close the windows to keep the noise out, but I could still hear the rain on the roof as I went to sleep. By the time I first woke up around eleven o'clock the rain had ended, but by the time I finally woke completely and got up, which wasn't until almost three o'clock in the afternoon, the chairs in my back yard had quite a bit of water trapped in them.

Because I got up so late I ended up not going out, except to put out the trash wheelie bin and check the mailbox, even though it was the first day in a long time that was cool enough for walking about to be fairly pleasant. Oversleeping muddles my head pretty badly, and I'm still feeling quite lethargic in any case. Listening to the rain had been nice, but proved to be insufficiently invigorating.

The autumnal equinox is one week hence, on Monday the 23rd. The forecast predicts a high of 91 that day, and two hotter days succeeding it. This is a hell of a note. Fall is not supposed to start off with a heat wave. There is a chance of more thunderstorms Thursday, which will also be the coolest day this week at 73 degrees, so maybe I can get out then, and hopefully not get rained on.

It has gotten chilly tonight, and I can't hear the cricket. Perhaps he got flooded out. The freeway is much quieter on Monday nights, so I only hear a lone car or truck, or perhaps a cluster of two or three, passing every two or three minutes. It seems almost serene, with the air quite still. The loudest noise for the last half hour has been the dog who lives on the other side of the bike trail, barking at a few late passersby. There should be a train coming through town shortly, though, to remind me where I am. I wonder if this morning's rain stirred the frogs to life on the ridge? I don't suppose I'll ever know.