September 14th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Queasy Again

I've been out looking at the full moon. It doesn't really look round to me any more, my eyesight has gotten so bad. I can't remember when it last looked clear to me, but I'm sure it's been more than a decade. But even blurry a full moon is a pleasant sight. Tonight I can also hear a couple of crickets, though they are farther away than they used to be. Things getting farther away seems to be a theme for me anymore. Even the stores nearby seem farther away than they did a few months ago. At least it is taking me more energy to get to them. Today I didn't even bother to go.

After waking up rather late, I spent most of Friday afternoon feeling queasy. Again I didn't feel like making a proper meal so I just ate some ramen. I deep forgetting I still have a couple of ears of fresh corn in the refrigerator. They might not be fresh any more by the time I get around to eating them. The local corn was very good this year, and priced reasonably, so I had quite a bit of it. It's now too late in the season to be that good, and it's getting more expensive, so the ears in the refrigerator will probably be the last I have. I hope I remember to eat them before they go bad.

The mini-metropolis is noisier on Friday nights. The freeway is busier and the traffic around the Plaza is heavier. There is probably another big movie at the cineplex, as I heard quite a bit of traffic in that direction a short time ago, probably the last shows getting out. For some reason the sound of all those cars rumbling through the night fills me with melancholy. Maybe it's because, for me, such things are in the past. Or maybe it's just because I no longer have a lawn for me to yell at the kids to get off of.

I should gt a snack and go read for a while, then sleep. There's a big day of nothing planned at all tomorrow.
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Woke up way too early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Everything just got weirder from there. My brain wouldn't shut up, but I don't remember anything it said. In the evening I went to Trader Joe's and bought milk and an onion, and picked up a bottle of wine. The wine is not good. That has happened before, and I think I should not buy it there anymore. Then about nine o'clock I decided to lie down for a minute, and ended up going to sleep until a few minutes ago. Now I've got the rest of the night to get through, but I doubt it will make much sense. I'm thinking about digging out the mixer and making a malted. Too bad I can't use bad wine in that. But there's plenty of milk.

Sometimes reality is just annoying as hell.