August 18th, 2019


Unintentional Nap

Saturday made four days in a row that I didn't get out of this apartment. I thought about it, but come seven o'clock in the evening it was still just too damned hot. Two things I do not understand: Why people live in the Central Valley at all, but since they do, why they do not spend the summer naked but for shoes (the pavement gets blistering hot,) slathered in sunscreen and carrying parasols. Nothing about this place makes any sense!

So I made tuna sandwiches for dinner, then about eight o'clock felt so crappy I decided to lie down for a while, and next thing I knew I woke up and it was after midnight. Now what do I do? Well, I try looking at pictures of cats on the Internet until my brain starts to function, only my brain doesn't start to function— not properly, anyway. Maybe its charge is low. A couple of nights ago I lost the Internet because I forgot to charge my phone again. Maybe my brain needs to be plugged in to something, but what? The only thing I can think of is chocolate, so now I'm eating chocolate. It might work.

Tonight is supposed to get down to 62 degrees, but it's nowhere near that low yet. The outdoors is quite balmy. It would be perfect for a very pleasant afternoon at the beach. Not so good for the night before a 90-degree day. I'd really like to get this place cooled down before I try to go back to sleep, but both the cooling and the sleep might be impossible. I think I might make a malted. All the ingredients are here. There are even a couple of straws I snagged last time I was at Taco Bell. A malt is always better through a straw.

Oh, the nearby crickets have both fallen silent tonight. I hear one cricket, though very faintly, so he must be some distance off. I guess I didn't hear him before because the nearby crickets drowned him out. Both of these things are making me feel very sad.
caillebotte_man at his window

Outside Again At Last

A surpassingly weird day. After Saturday evening's unintentional nap I found it impossible to get back to sleep this morning. My brain wouldn't shut up for hours, no matter how I tried to distract it and calm it down. Not even a relaxing shower helped. I finally got a few cat naps between nine o'clock in the morning and noon, but after that it just made no sense to try to sleep anymore, so I decided to go out before the day's heat reached its peak. I went to the Grocery Outlet for a few things, then stopped on the way home to pick up a lunch at the Mexican Restaurant across from the Plaza.

The lunch is a couple of bucks cheaper than the dinner, and a bit smaller by not much. I was able to finish it this time, but just barely. After so large a meal there will be no dinner tonight, just alight snack. I'm feeling quite tired now, so I don't think there will be any trouble sleeping tonight. The terribly bad news is that it starts getting hotter again tomorrow, and the forecast currently has no fewer than seven triple-digit-high days in a row starting Thursday. I was hoping that August would turnout to be a bit cooler than July, which was above normal this year, but so far no such luck. It's safe to say that so far this is the worst summer I've ever experienced.

I'm really hoping to get a ride to Safeway tomorrow or Tuesday, as there are things I'm running low on, and given the upcoming heat it's very unlikely I'll be getting to either of the bus-accessible stores this week, and maybe not even next week. I did manage to get to CVS this evening to replenish the beer supply, so at least there's that one thing I don't have to worry about.

One of the nearby crickets is back tonight, after having gone missing all last night. Since it's a bit cooler tonight I might be able to get the windows open before I go to sleep, and then the cricket can provide a soundtrack to my dreams for me. Not that I'm likely to remember any dreams, since I seldom do, but I do like the idea of hearing crickets chirp as I sleep.

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