August 14th, 2019

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Another successful trip to the Goodwill store book department again today. There is a one volume hardbound collection of all fifty of Agatha Christie's stories featuring Hercule Poirot, a hardbound copy of Gershon Legman's definitive volume The Limerick, and a paperback of The Great Gatsby. These are all books I didn't have copies of before the fire, though I did have other books by Fitzgerald and Christie, and a few articles by Legman in various rare or semi-rare magazines. So it's not like I've gotten anything back, but there's still sort of a lateral restoration.

Right now I'm fixing (aka boiling and microwaving) a very late dinner. I've been running behind all day after oversleeping again. I've replenished my beer supply, so I'll be sort of ready for the next three days. The weather bureau is issuing an extreme heat warning. It's going to hit triple digits every day through Friday, and possibly on Saturday as well. I'd been thinking I might get to the bus-accessible store Friday but that now seems unlikely. I might not even get back over to the Plaza. This evening's walk there was quite hellish, and I didn't even get out the door until after seven o'clock.

I can hear two crickets chirping again tonight. It's probably going to stay pretty warm all night, so I won't be turning off the air conditioner and opening the windows, which means I'll only get to listen to the crickets when I go outside. Last night was fairly cool and I got a couple of hours of cricket song through the open windows before the sun came up and silenced them. The next few nights are going to be hot too, so it;s going to be more of the same for the rest of the week. I really hope this will be the last such week for the year, but it probably won't.

Oh, there goes the microwave bell, dinner is ready.
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Nobody Fart, It Will Ignite

I'm glad I've still got some watermelon. It helped me get through the horrendously hot day. I haven't gotten farther away from the air conditioner than the mailbox, where I didn't go until after sunset, and have spent only a few minutes sitting in the back yard, which I have done only because I so hate being indoors all day. Being stuck indoors makes me feel like I'm sick, which I probably am, but if I go outside now and then I can pretend I'm not. The weather bureau's excessive heat warning, which went into effect this morning, will remain in effect until ten PM Friday. I think they are being optimistic.

Around eleven o'clock tonight I heard lots of sirens headed up the freeway. I have no idea what it was about, but suspect that hell might have opened a new gate a few miles north of here. I'm pretty sure the temperature has gone up over the last hour or so, and that's the direction the very slight breeze seems to be coming from. Bu then it might just be exhaust from all the air conditioners that are running. If we don't get a power outage during the next few days it will be a miracle.

Although we're supposed to get a bit of cooling over the weekend, the forecast is now predicting at least two more triple digit days in the middle of next week. It's probably a good thing I got the banking out of the way for the month last Friday, even if the disruption to the bus system did leave me stranded up there for an hour and a half. Odds are I won't be getting out of the apartment until Saturday evening, if then. By that time I could go stir crazy and start hallucinating guards to stab.

It's still 82 degrees outside. The air conditioner will be on all night, I'm sure, and probably for days to come. I'm going to get sick of this place and of myself. But at least I might not run out of watermelon.