August 10th, 2019

beavis and butthead


I got up at ten o'clock this morning, after getting to sleep around four, so I'm pretty tired tonight. I did get the bus to the bank and Save Mart, but there was a hitch on the way back. Some boneheaded motorist stopped a car on the railroad track at East Avenue, instead of waiting until the traffic ahead had cleared out enough space to move into, and the car ended up being hit by a freight train. The driver and passenger got out in time, but the train had to stop, and it ended up blocking East Avenue for a couple of hours.

After leaving the store I got to the bus stop with a minute to spare until the bus home was due to arrive at 3:06, and was delighted at how well it had worked out. But then the bus didn't come. The next bus was scheduled at 3:26. It didn't come either. Then the bus scheduled at 4:26 didn't come. Finally, at 4:30, the 3:06 bus arrived. The 3:26 and 4:26 were still trapped in traffic far behind it. This particular bus route is a big circle between downtown and North Valley Plaza, and buses run both ways. The buses running counterclockwise (including the one I'd gone up on, just a few stops past the one where I'd gotten off) also got trapped. Due to the way Chico is laid out there were no workable alternate routes available, so that whole route was out of service for much of the afternoon, and probably ran off schedule for the rest of the day and evening.

The boneheaded motorist will be without a car for a while (the train wasn't going very fast but the car is probably still unsalvageable,) but probably won't suffer as much inconvenience as the rest of us affected by that boneheaded move did cumulatively. The rule is don't drive your car onto the railroad tracks if there isn't enough room to drive it off again on the other side.

Had I gotten home earlier I might have walked over to the Plaza this evening, but as exhausted as I was I decided against it. I just made an instant cup of noodles for dinner, instead of the stuff I bought today, since I didn't have the energy to make anything more elaborate. Now I'm just going to go read for a while and try not to go to sleep too early, since that would tend to knock my schedule even more catawampus.

Although it was cooler today than it's been in quite a while, being stuck at the bus stop for almost an hour and half was still unpleasant, and before it was over I was really feeling the 86 degrees of heat we did get. I hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon. Tomorrow is supposed to be only 82 degrees, so I might decide to go out again. We'll see how I feel. Right now I'm really tired. And it isn't even midnight yet.