July 17th, 2019


Hot and Stupid

I got settled down with a book a few minutes ago and then realized that I hadn't posted a journal entry. My memory gets worse every day. I also forgot to open a bottle of beer at dinner. That means I'm very near total incompetence.

Not much happened today in any case. I bought milk and chocolate at Trader Joe's this evening, after spending most of the day hiding from the heat. I nodded off in the chair in the back yard as night fell. For a while there was a third cricket chirping, and it was very close. It might have been in the bushes just outside the back yard wall. It only chirped for about ten minutes, though, and I haven't heard it since.

The weather forecast shows a string of days in the nineties for the next two weeks, so it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time indoors. I still haven't gotten this month's utility bill, so I don't know how much all this air conditioning is costing me. I saved a bit this afternoon when I forgot to turn it on until after five o'clock, when the thermometer showed it was up to 84 in here. More evidence of my growing incompetence.

Given the heat, I'm not making any plans. Perhaps I'll be able to go to a bus-accessible store on Friday, which at a mere 92 degrees will be the coolest day in the forecast. I won't count on it, though. I might end up not going there until the next time I need to go to the bank, in August. Summer here is hell.

Helter Swelter

It's getting very monotonous here. Today I didn't brave the heat at all, so I've seen nothing but the inside of this apartment, the tiny, high-walled back yard, the bit of the surroundings that can be seen above the high walls, and then the parking lot and the apartment house next door and the duplex across the street, and the top of the near end of North Valley Plaza, all of those when I went out after sunset to check the mail box.

Everything else I've seen has been on the Internet. Although I've heard the voices of people passing along the bike path, and the next door neighbors talking in their back yard, I haven't spoken a word to anyone since I was at Trader Joe's yesterday evening, and the only person I've seen was a guy watering the lawn across the street when I went to the mail box. I've been wondering if I should order a pizza to be delivered, just so I can be sure I'm still visible, and haven't become a wraith without realizing it.

I know Chico is still inhabited, as I can hear the usual traffic on the freeway. I know the world beyond Chico still exists (at least in part) as I've heard trains passing and airplanes flying over. I could probably get further confirmation by finding a live feed of some sort on the Internet, but I've heard those are easily faked, so I won't bother. A couple of times this evening I've caught myself talking to myself. Who would have thought a sedentary day and a bit of ennui could get me quite this crazy?

Well, maybe I'll get out for a bit tomorrow, though since it's going to be just as hot as it was today probably not. It's still 81 degrees out right now, and isn't expected to get below 71 all night. 71 is a delightful temperature for a day at the beach, but not for a night in Chico. There's not much hope I'll go any distance on Friday, even though it's predicted to be only 93, since neither of the bus-accessible stores has anything that would entice me to make the effort. But I might get over to the Plaza Friday evening, to check the book selection at the Goodwill store and maybe pick up more beer and a loaf of bread at CVS.

Getting through July in the valley is not easy. Getting through August is likely to be as bad. I hope we get a mild September, at least, and maybe a bit of early rain. Right now I'm going to go listen to my crickets for a while, then make a sandwich (it was too hot for a cooked dinner again) and read something. I doubt I'll be able to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows until very, very late tonight.