July 11th, 2019


Life In the Mini-Metropolis

This evening I found another book I like at the Goodwill store. It's in Italian, which I can't read, but it is splendidly illustrated, and I'm quite fluent in picture. It's called Il Patrimonio dell'Umanità and it's an oversized hardback of 380 pages covering fifty archaeological sites and cities around the world (site archeoloici e centri urbani) most of them represent by at least a dozen photos, drawings and maps. The book might be part of a series, as I find several books of the same main title on the Internet, though only one showing the cover of the book I bought. That, on an Amazon page also in Italian, offers three copies starting at EUR 9,99, which comes to bit over eleven bucks American, so I guess picking it up for $2.99 was a bargain.

The store also had an office chair or sale. It has wheels, it swivels, and is height-and-back-adjustable. The upholstery is in decent shape, and is an inoffensive shade of blue. Unfortunately Goodwill requires you to pick up furniture within 24 hours of buying it, and there's no guarantee I could get anyone to haul the thing back to my apartment, so I didn't buy it. I'm going to try to arrange transport tomorrow, but chairs like this one don't last long at that store so odds are it won't be there anymore. If it is still there I'll definitely nab it, as it is only $15.99, and would be way more comfortable than the kitchen chair I'm using at the computer now.

After I bought the book I stopped at Trader Joe's for lettuce and tomatoes, but found that the only lettuce in stock was dismantled into quite small pieces and stuck in bags. I like intact lettuce from which I can tear complete leaves. The only loose tomatoes they had were three small, spotty, and slightly wrinkly Romas. Fortunately there is a 99 cent store right across the parking lot, so I went there and picked up a small head of iceberg and a two-pack of beefsteak tomatoes. It's called the 99 cent store, and the signs on everything say 99 cents, but in fact they charge a dollar for each item. I know, weird, but I'm not going to fuss over a penny,not even twice.

Although the indigestion I had the other day is mostly gone, I've still been getting queasy spells today, so I've been eating fairly lightly. I was going to make a sandwich for dinner, but remembered too late that I'm out of bread. It was too late to run back to the store (I'm not crossing that road between here and the plaza after nightfall, given how bad my eyesight has gotten and how people in this town drive) so I just made some Ramen. So far it hasn't disagreed with me.

It isn't cooling off very quickly tonight, and tomorrow is going to be hotter than today, so I'm not making any plans other than to get some bread, which will have to wait until the sun gets low enough that I'll have shade to walk in. It's possible I'll get a ride to the bank tomorrow, in which case I might also get a ride to fetch the chair (if it's there) and if so I can also get bread without walking anywhere in the heat. But that's all uncertain. I might still have to get on the bus and go banking Friday. It can't wait any later.

Cricket listening time.
caillebotte_the orangerie


The good news is that I got a ride to the bank this afternoon, then stopped at Raley's and picked up some stuff, including some bargain meats, and then went to the Goodwill store and bought that office chair, which was not only still available but was priced three dollars less than it was yesterday. If I'd waited a couple more days I might have gotten the chair even cheaper, but odds are it would have been snatched up by somebody else first, and I didn't want to take the risk. $12.99 was cheap enough, anyway. The chair is indeed way more comfortable than the wooden kitchen chair with unstable, tie-on cushion I've been using. So, a good day (so far) despite the appalling heat.

The bad news is that I forgot to buy a loaf of bread yet again, but I did get a package of four sesame seed buns. The bad news is thus not all that bad, aside from the evidence it provides that I'm still getting stupider as I get older. I believe there is supposed to be some wisdom showing up at some point, but so far there's no evidence of that, unless of course the wisdom is in the awareness that I'm getting stupider. That would be a bit of a drag, especially since I was hoping that when I reached a certain age I'd be able to figure out what the hell all that literature I've read was getting at. I guess life is just one sad disappointment after another, so you should try to enjoy the few good things that come along while they last. Hey, maybe.... Nah! Couldn't be.