June 26th, 2019



So I didn't get to Safeway, and then when I went to K-mart later their computer system was having problems and I couldn't use the bonus cash I'd intended to spend, so that purchase will have to wait until tomorrow. On the way home, so the day wouldn't be a total loss, I decided to try the Tuesday hamburger special at the pizza place up the road. The hamburger turned out to be just okay, but it was way too big, and since I don't like leftover hamburgers I had to toss about a quarter of it. If I get a hamburger to take out around here again I'll probably just go back to Wendy's where they are about the same price, and also just okay, but a more reasonable size.

The cricket is still hanging out just up the bike trail, and I've been enjoying his concert, faint though it remains in my walled back yard. It makes a nice break from staring at the computer. Sometimes as I sit and listen I think I can almost feel ideas coming on, but so far none have actually manifested themselves. I'm pretty sure my days of having ideas are over. That part of my brain that used to generate them probably suffered irreversible smoke damage. My brain is one part of the rubble FEMA won't be able to clear away. It will remain a barren heap of ash from now on.

Okay, I'm going to go read a book before I get any more morose. It's supposed to be only 83 degrees tomorrow. I ought to be cheerful. For some reason I'm not. Maybe it's because I'm missing the cats even more than usual tonight. Tossing out that chunk of hamburger made me think how much they would have enjoyed finishing it for me.