June 16th, 2019



So I didn't get to the supermarket again today, but I did make a trip to K-mart once the sun got low enough. In fact I made two trips to K-mart. The first time I bought three more muscle shirts and another nice sweater that will come in handy once cooler weather arrives (if it ever does.) I was torn between those items and a pair of slightly boot-like athletic shoes that were on sale at a very good price, and after I got the bargain garments home I decided that I should go back and get the bargain shoes as well. The total bill after discounts was twenty-five bucks and change, which is not too bad. It leaves me around $360 for the rest of the month, which I'm sure is doable.

But the fact that I was unable to rouse myself to take that short bus ride through the heat again does not bode well for the future. Its likely to be hotter than today for most of the next two or three months, so it is looking more and more like I'm going to be stuck here in this little neighborhood most of the time. K-mart is likely to be the farthest I go without a ride, except when I absolutely must get to the bank, which will happen once a month.

And I can't count on K-mart being there much longer. The company is clearly on its last legs, and this store is not performing very well at all. I would not be surprised to see it closed before the end of the year. I have no idea where I'll get cheap clothes once that happens, as the other discount stores are way the hell down on the south end of town. I expect that K-mart's building will just sit there vacant for ages, as there's no demand for that much retail space around here.

The only reason the neighborhood isn't already littered with big empty buildings is because they knocked down two of the three big department stores that once operated in North Valley Plaza, one to be replaced by the multiplex movie theater and the other by a big empty lot that might or might not eventually get something built on it. The third store got converted into the Goodwill store, the Sportsman's Warehouse store, and offices for the State Department of Employment Development. Even the live mall on the south end of town has a vacated department store building where Sears used to be, but it is currently occupied by FEMA's disaster relief center. Once the disaster has been relieved I'm sure that space will go dark again, and I'd expect that building to get reoccupied before the K-mart building up here will.

Anyway. Here it is past midnight again, still pretty hot, and I'm thirsty but have nothing I want to drink. Sometimes beer just won't do (shocking, I know.) I wish I'd thought to buy a bottle of lemonade at the Outlet or Trader Joe's. I need to get better at planning ahead.