May 28th, 2019

caillebotte_the orangerie


At least some of the stores in the plaza were probably open today, but I never went out. I thought about it, but just couldn't summon the energy. For one thing I didn't sleep well last night, then woke up too early, so I've been tired all day. I vegged in front of the computer, then did a bit of cleaning, then went back to the computer. The weather was quite pleasant, and it would have been a nice day for walking about, but my motivation was insufficient.

The weather will not be pleasant tomorrow, nor any day in the long range forecast. The highs will be in the eighties, then the next week in the nineties, with a few days coming dangerously close to 100. If this is what June is bringing I am not eager to see what July and August will bring. Hell is about to manifest itself in the valley. Hell's denizens, I suspect, will not be happy at what they experience here.

Goodbye, spring. You were nice while you lasted (flooded apartment aside.) I suppose it will be fall before I see a pleasant day again.