May 26th, 2019

caillebotte_man at his window


I just realized I can't remember this morning. There is an image of dumping water from the chair in the back yard, but I don't now for sure if that was today or yesterday. But there was some rain today. Not very much, after I woke up, but some. Afternoon is less of a problem. I made some whipped cream and ate it on strawberries and angel food cake, then later went to CVS and bought a six pack of Sierra Nevada and a coffee mug.

The mug I've been using is from Dollar Tree, and it began retaining dark tea stains as soon as I began using it. It looks fine on the outside but the inside looks decades old. I'm hoping the new mug will resist staining better. It cost me four times as much as the Dollar Tree mug, and was actually priced at twice that (I had another 50% off coupon.) But I doubt it will be as good as the thirty-year-old, barely stained mug I had before the fire. The one I got as a premium when I subscribed to the magazine of the American Museum of Natural History.

Thirty years ago is easier to remember than this morning. In fact I remember opening the package the mug came in, and being pleased with the shape and feel of it. I made a pot of coffee that day, to inaugurate it, though I don't remember what I read while I drank it. That I did read something is pretty much a certainty, as that's what I almost always did while drinking coffee or tea. Now I mostly look at the computer screen. Thirty years ago I had no computer. Maybe that's why that time is easier to remember than this morning.

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