May 23rd, 2019

caillebotte_the orangerie

A Few More Mild Days

Grocery shopping has been arranged for tomorrow. Safeway has quite a few good sale items this week, and there is one item I want on the Friday-only sale, so this is good news. Also good news is that, despite having used the air conditioner for a few days during the heat wave, my PG&E bill is quite modest this month. That mans I'll be ending the month with a little bit of extra money in the bank account. Now what can I squander it on?

Rain is still predicted for Sunday. In fact the chances are up to 80% now, so maybe it will happen after all. Monday is supposed to be cool, but after that the days will be getting up into the eighties, which does not please me in the least. I suppose it is to be expected, being that it is almost June, and we are lucky to have had mild weather as long as we have. Plus the nights are predicted to get down into the low sixties, So the heat won't get stored up in the apartment as badly as it will later, when the sultry summer nights come along. But I won't count on next month's electric bill being very low.

I still haven't been able to arrange transportation to go see the cat who might be Jarhead, or another cat recently trapped who might be Rowdy. Jarhead was outdoors, but Rowdy was in the house and if he got out perhaps some of the others did as well. I both turn out to be mine I'll have a problem. Jarhead hate other cats, and would never be able to share this apartment with Rowdy. Rowdy was the most standoffish and fearful of all the cats, and never allowed me to touch him in all the years he lived in the house, so I don't know how he could adapt to this place either.

Anyway, no point in dwelling on it right now since I haven't even seen either of the cats who might be them. Right now I need to concentrate on winding down so I can get to sleep early enough to be able to get ready to go shopping tomorrow. Winding down is easier said than done. Fortunately my headache has eased off a bit today, but I don't know if it has eased off enough that I could risk using a drink to relax me for sleep. Alcohol tends to aggravate my headaches, which may be the main reason I'm not fully alcoholic yet after the last six months.

Oh, and I forgot to do the laundry again today, even though I was here all day. I might not be alcoholic yet, but I certainly have the memory of one. There probably won't be time tomorrow, unless I wake up very early indeed. If that's going to happen Ined to get started on it right now.