May 4th, 2019



Something I forgot to mention earlier was that on Thursday evening I saw an Amish (or perhaps Mennonite) family shopping at Trader Joe's. There was no buggy anywhere in the parking lot, so perhaps not Amish, unless they walked here from somewhere. It would be difficult to drive a buggy to North Valley Plaza through Chico's traffic in any case. But the family was dressed in traditional plain style, and the girls were all wearing bonnets. I have never seen any Amish or Mennonites or any other recognizable Anabaptists in Butte County. As far as I know none actually live here. I didn't snoop to see what they were buying, and have no idea what they would want from Trader Joe's, but it was an odd and unexpected sight which delighted me no end.

Friday brought no surprises. I took the bus to one of the bus-accessible markets, and later considered taking the walk over to the plaza but just didn't have the energy. I was going to make tacos for dinner but ended up just making a grilled cheese sandwich. I might have energy to make tacos tomorrow night. I probably need fresh lettuce for them anyway, and could use a couple of other items from the 99 cent store, where they have surprisingly decent vegetables, as well as varieties of cookies no other stores around here stock.

It's cooling off fast enough tonight that I'll probably be able to turn the fan off by two o'clock without risking the place still being too hot tomorrow. It will be nice to not have it making that noise and that draft. It's actually quite pleasant outside already, and I've been sitting out there listening to the trains going by. I do still miss hearing frogs, though, and crickets. Of course I miss the cats more. Shorty would probably be hanging out on my back porch this time of night. I wonder where he is, if he survived? I wonder if he even remembers me?