May 3rd, 2019

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


Midnight went by again without me noticing it. I've become King of Distraction. I forget more than I remember. Now it's Friday, and I should think about taking a bus to the store this afternoon. It's not that I need anything, and the sale items at the bus-accessible stores this week are unimpressive, but if I don't get out I might as well just start growing roots like any other bit of vegetation.

The headache that is probably unadjusted neck-related has been worse this evening, and that makes for even more distractedness. The glare of the computer monitor is not helping. I'm going to wash some dishes and then see if I can diminish the headache by lying down in a dark room. It's still pretty warm in here, and the draft from the fan is not good for the headache, but I don't dare turn it off. I need the place to be cooler by morning. I'm glad that Sunday and Monday are still expected to be cooler days, and then maybe I'll get a couple of nights when I won't need the fan. After that it gets hot again. Oh, Central Valley. You are not good for me.