April 30th, 2019



As soon as the potatoes are done I'll have dinner. I guess sit will actually be a midnight supper, though without any seduction involved. Though if I recall correctly, the seduction was the main point of a midnight supper back in the days when thy had such things, so I guess it's actually just me having dinner really late. I didn't get the pot on until almost eight o'clock, since I discovered I was out of sufficiently fresh garlic an had to make a run to the store to buy some. I also recalled that I lack one of those big forks one uses to hoist slabs of meat, but that wasn't until after I got back and the cooking was underway.

Anyway, it's a chuck roast I got on sale at Safeway yesterday, and I might have over-seared it on one side before braising it, a it smells just a bit burnt. I actually don't mind mildly burnt. If I ever go to Texas (though that's very unlikely) I'd surely try the burnt ends they serve there at various barbecue places. It probably would have been better to do so when my teeth were stronger, so it might be a good thing I'l probably never go to Texas. Sadly, my teeth are following the path of the Victorian midnight supper and seduction into oblivion. I'm hoping they will at least last for one more chuck roast, because the long delay has left me really hungry, and I don't want any sudden loss of crown or fillings or actual teeth hanging up what promises to be a session of ravenous piggishness.

I just poked a potato and it's very close to done. I'm going to take the meat out of the pot and let it rest in foil for a few minutes while the vegetation and juice finish cooking. Tomorrow I'll deal with the consequences of having overeaten, I'm sure, but then there will be no embarrassing incidents with an overwrought seducee to interfere with my recuperation. Eating alone has its advantages.