April 25th, 2019


Prematurely Summery

The low-grade headache I've been getting on and off for weeks is upgrading itself. That would be the consequence of not getting my neck adjusted for over five months. This is the longest I've gone without seeing a chiropractor in about twenty years. Obviously I need to do something about that. It's probably worse tonight because it is so hot in here. I checked the thermometer about half an hour ago and it was at 79 degrees. I've opened all the windows (there are only four) and the sliding door to the patio and it has dropped down to 78, though it's still 74 outside. I will take quite a wile to get the place comfortable, but I'm sure it will happen since the low tonight is to be 63. It's going to be a lot worse when the nocturnal lows are in the high seventies, which is likely to happen at least a few times in July and August.

I'm not turning on the air conditioning until we get into that sort of weather, even though I've currently got 22 bucks and change credit with the power company. I had forgotten about the energy saving rebates they give out in April, and had the pleasant surprise of discovering that my bill this month is zero dollars. I'd been expecting it to be about forty, so I could have that much more to spend this month, but I think I'll try to save toward the probably enormous air conditioning bills hat will be coming in a couple of months, and sooner if we get one of those nasty spring heat waves.

Last night I made a pot of chili, but it did not turn out well. That's twice since I've been here that I've made chili, and neither time was it a success. This particular batch was not as bad as the first one, though, so maybe I'll reacquire my lost skillz eventually. I was actually pretty good at it until now, but for now I'm still fighting with this smaller kitchen and the new utensils, and the electric range in particular.

To make up or last night's disappointing dinner I finally got around to trying a lunch special from the Chinese place down the road. It was actually fairly good, and not extremely costly, and th short walk meant I got it home faster than we used to get it home in the car from the place we bought from when I was a kid. I did, however, miss the hot mustard Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles used to provide, and maybe still do. I haven't had it since coming to northern California, so I guess it's not part of the regional culture.

The midnight train just went by across town, and boy is it loud with the windows and door open. It was loud enough to hear when they were closed, but now it sounds like it's just the other side of the freeway, which is itself quite a bit louder now. Forget how much noisier this part of Chico is than Paradise, it's noisier than the last neighborhood I lived in in L.A.

I'm still following the found cat posts on social media, and still no sign of any of my cats. Fewer are being brought in now, but I'm seeing a growing number of posts about pregnant females who are giving birth to litters of kittens at the shelters not long after being trapped. I wonder how many cats still roaming in the fire zone are also giving birth? Life is likely to be short for an awful lot of those little guys.

90 degrees tomorrow, which is about what it was today. It's still expected to cool of a bit next week. I certainly hope it does. It's gotten way too warm way too soon this year. But in the meantime I'm going to get this place as chilly as I can with outdoor air before I close those windows. It's down to 76 now, which is about a three degree drop in an hour, so it's not looking too bad, and the Internet says it's down to 72 outside, so the apartment is catching up. Maybe it will get down to the high sixties in here, so I'll have a running start on tomorrow's heat.

Helter Swelter

This evening I thought I heard a cricket, but it turned out to be that mockingbird. Its repertoire is quite impressive, and I do enjoy listening to it, but I wish I could hear a real cricket. If Paradise were still there I'd probably be hearing them now. I'd most likely be on the back porch watching Shorty and Porky eat dinner, and the yard would smell of damp since I'd have just watered it, and then freshened the cats' water bowls. There would probably still be some frogs singing, too, since it was such a wet winter and the little stream in the vale a block east of the house would still be running. I'd sit in the cooling evening air listening to the frogs and crickets and the last chatter of the acorn woodpeckers and watch the stars emerging. I wonder if I'll ever get to see stars again?

In the house the windows would all be open by now, cooling it off from the day's heat. The greater heat here is lingering, and although I've got the HVAC fan on this apartment has not yet gotten below 81 degrees, and still almost that hot outdoors. I thought about going out today, once it cooled off a bit, but it never did, so I stayed here. Fifty years ago a day like this would have seen me out wandering around Los Angeles, but I no longer have the energy for such things. And Chico lacks L.A.'s attractions, in any case. These days, and in this place, heat just makes me want to drink icy drinks and doze.

Since I didn't get to Safeway last week there are things I need that I must get tomorrow, but I can get them at the store that is more easily bus accessible, as long as I go at the right time of the afternoon. The right time of the afternoon for the convenient bus is, however, not the right time of the afternoon for being out and about in Chico's heat. Tomorrow will be about the same temperature today was. I do not relish the prospect of this chore— though at least I'm likely to have the bus almost to myself, since mad dogs are not allowed to ride the buses, and not even crazy Englishmen are crazy enough to be in Butte County this time of year.

It's dark out now. I'll bet the stars are shining on the ridge, and there's hardly anybody there to see them.