April 24th, 2019


Missing the Bus

So I went down to the corner bus stop and waited for the bus to Safeway, but either it went by early before I got there or it was terribly late. I got sick of waiting and just went to the Dollar Tree to get a few things. So I missed this weeks sale items at Safeway, and will have to adjust my menu for the rest of the week. Even my ill-laid plans have gone awry.

It truly did get quite hot today, and walking about in the afternoon sun was not pleasant. It's actually quite balmy still, though it's expected to cool down a bit later. I'm thinking I ought to pack up the electric blanket and put it away or the season. I have something lighter weight I can use. At least I have not yet had to turn on the air conditioner. It is way too early in the year for that extravagance.

There's no plan for tomorrow, again. There's really not much going on in my head these days either— or not much that I'm eager to pay attention to. Hubert Humphrey appeared in a dream fragment that I woke with the other day. I'm sure that's a bad sign. I wish I could get a dream about Hermione Gingold. She always made me smile.