April 13th, 2019

caillebotte_the orangerie

Spring Mildness

The banking is done, so no risk of overdrafts this month. Unless I've miscalculated something of course, and then get extravagant, but that's something I rarely do— get extravagant, I mean, not miscalculate. I miscalculate all the time. I'll try to keep a healthy surplus in the checking account.

But I guess I was lucky I didn't go to the bank yesterday, because this morning I got an email from one of the stores near the bank and they were giving away a free package of salami to every customer today only, while the supply lasted. It was still available when I got there, so I got a free lunch. It was only a five ounce package, but would have cost about four times what I spent on bus fare, so a profitable trip.

It was a warm afternoon, and when I got home from the bank th thermometer in the apartment said it was 74 degrees inhere. It wasn't much warmer than that outside, which confirms my suspicion that this place is going to be very costly to keep cool in the summer, especially when the nights start staying warm an I can't cool the space down overnight. It's probably going to wipe out all the savings from the fairly low gas bills I've had during the cold weather.

The package I was expecting wasn't delivered until almost half past three, which was not long after I returned. I now have one more sport coat that actually fits, more or less, suitable for warm weather, plus four new shirts and two ties and a pair of hipster pants. Since I ordered the stuff online I didn't actually know that the pants were hipster pants until I tried them on. They are about as skinny as the stuff we wore in the 1970s, but at least the fabric is a lot nicer than we had then. They are 97% cotton and 3% spandex, and are surprisingly comfortable. I'm going to try to find more pants in that fabric, though hopefully with a somewhat more generous cut.

Of course none of my cats have turned up yet, though many trappers remain in the fire zone and they continue to report many cats still running loose. I suppose there is some chance that at least one or two of mine will eventually turn up, but it seems less likely every day. It's been over five months.
caillebotte_the orangerie

Goofy Weather, Goofy Me

We got another clear, mild day today, though the forecast is now predicting rain for Monday. It's also predicting days in the mid-80s later in the week, which I find distressing. April is too early for such heat. The good news is that I bought a short garden hose today, so I'll be able to water the bush that grows along my back fence. I doubt that the whole back yard is as much as 300 square feet, most of which won't require irrigation, but it will be nice to water something in the evenings again, even if it only takes a few minutes.

But tonight I ended up taking another of those unintentional naps, which lasted over two hours, so I'm muddled again. Actually I was already muddled, so I'm now extra muddled. And I'm also craving catsup. Something must be seriously wrong. I don't even have any French fries. If it were 1964 I could walk about a mile through the silent suburban streets of Los Angeles to the Seven Stars Cafe and get a cheeseburger and fries, then go home and spend the night listening to my undestroyed records and writing in my unburned notebooks.

That's over, though. I think I'll make some grits. Probably won't put catsup on them, though.