April 11th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Tonight my brain is seriously tired, even though I did very little with it today. The noise of the freeway and the planes flying over all the time might have rattled something lose in it, because the parts just don't seem to mesh anymore. I don't hear any grinding noises coming from it when I try to think, but I suspect that the first part to stop working was the part that would hear such things. That brain wants to fall apart without any interference from me.

It's success so far leads me to believe that it is a much smarter brain than I've heretofore given it credit for. To think that it has been lying to me all these years! I could have been something! I could have been a contender! Now it's too late, and all I can do is wait for the disassembled bits of it to start rattling around inside my skull. For now, I think I'll just go read something, while I still can. I've obviously already forgotten how to write.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The trees have mostly leafed out now, but none of them being very near I still get almost as much sunshine as I did when they were bare. I can still see the moon when it's in the west of the starless sky, too. When I go to the nearby shopping center I can walk through quite a bit of shade in one part of the parking lot, but not in other parts. Some parking lots in Chico have considerable tree canopy, but the older ones don't. The nearby shopping center, having been partly redeveloped in recent years, has patches of both. I'm hoping that one big, hardly used, treeless parking area will get some sort of new development in it, and the part of the lot that remains parking will get some trees. It probably wouldn't happen anytime soon, though.

I slept too late again this morning and then miscalculated the passage of time this afternoon, so I didn't get to the bank as I'd intended. It will have to be done tomorrow, as my bank isn't open on weekends and Monday will be too late. I'm expecting a package delivery tomorrow, and if it's like the last one it will arrive fairly early, which will wake me up in time to get ready and get out of here during the brief window of opportunity when the bus schedule is convenient. It would be nice if the bus system here was as convenient as the one I enjoyed in Los Angeles, but that won't happen in this age of the world.

But to wake up early and then stay awake I'll have to get to sleep early, which is problematic. I should be winding down right now, but made one last foray into the online clearance sales this evening and haven't even had dinner yet. I'm just reheating leftovers, so it shouldn't take too long, but I need to get to it now. And probably drink some extra beer with it.

Still no cats. I got a flurry of cat-related messages yesterday, none of which came to anything, but none at all today. Maybe tomorrow.