April 9th, 2019

gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Chronically Late

Tonight I managed to make a dinner that was just about the right size. It included some mushrooms I bought at Trader Joe's this afternoon. Mushrooms turn out to be one of the things TJ's has cheaper than other stores, and they were really quite good. My only complaint is that I made the gravy a little too thin. Everything else was perfect. This is such a rare event anymore that I feel compelled to celebrate it. I also bought a bottle of Kahlúa at TJ's, and I'm going to have a shot of it in milk (Trader Joe's Whole Milk, of course) to go with my squares of chocolate tonight. Such luxury!

I didn't get around to trying out my new hand mixer today, but maybe tomorrow. There is actually a long list of stuff I need to get around to this week, so I'll have to figure out how to squeeze them all in. A trip to the bank is essential, but I'm going to wait until the new grocery ads come out Wednesday. I like to combine my bank errands with a stop at one or the other of the two supermarkets near it, and neither of the stores had good deals on anything I felt compelled to get this week.

My sleep schedule seems to be returning to something closer to normal after last week's disruptions, but I'm still not getting these LJ entries posted until after midnight. It's like the clocks sprang forward but left me behind. It really does feel to me like it's just past eleven right now. I hope this state doesn't last too much longer. I want to start getting out more often, and the later in the day I wake up the harder that is. But it does look like the rainy weather may finally be behind us. Today's long range forecast shows no upcoming days with more than a 20% chance of showers. It's going to get warmer, too. It might be 72 on Wednesday and up to 74 by Saturday. But April is nothing if not unpredictable, so I'm not counting on this unseasonable mildness actually continuing. Another storm could decide to drop in at any time.

I continue to watch the cat posts on Facebook, though that site's odd configuration and unreliable behavior sometimes makes it difficult. Last night some comments in which I was tagged, that were made between one and six weeks ago, showed up in my feed for the first time. None of the cats pointed to in them to were mine, but if any had been I'd have missed finding out about them until now. Thanks a lot, Farcebook. I wonder what else I'm missing?

Several flocks of waterfowl have flown over this neighborhood so far tonight. I hear a lot more birds flying over than I did in Paradise. But I still can't hear any frogs. Too bad that none of that temporary lake that flooded my apartment is still nearby. It would surely have a frog colony singing of the arrival of spring.