April 6th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Goodbye, Monotonous Friday

The weather continues to be odd. The latest storm arrived before dawn, but the rain never became intense. The clouds remained or a few hours after the rain ended this afternoon, but the sun emerged long enough to dry out most of the puddles. There is supposed to be more rain overnight and early tomorrow, but I doubt it will amount to much. More rain is supposed to arrive late Monday and continue through Tuesday, but again I'm not expecting to end up with lakefront property this time.

I had to wait forever to get into the laundry room, which used up most of the day, so I didn't go out at all. I did get one thing done: I downloaded the app for Kohl's, and I intend to try buying stuff from them online tonight. I'd have done it earlier but just couldn't get focused. That happens a lot anymore. I also managed to cook and eat dinner before midnight tonight, but the cleanup isn't done yet. I'll do that now. Tomorrow is without any plans. I'm sure there are things I should be doing, but they escape me. Enervation is so enervating.

There goes a train. I'm not on it.