April 5th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Wednesday's Child is Full of Whoa!

It was supposed to rain today, but it hasn't yet. We we expecting it this afternoon, and now it's nearing midnight and not a drop has fallen. Late afternoon was in fact quite sunny, i not very warm. The chill in the air tonight suggests that when (an if) the rain comes it will not be as copious as the rain we got Monday. That was a fairly warm storm, almost tropical. A colder storm should not be as wet. But we've still got sandbags handy, just in case.

I got to go to Safeway this afternoon, and stocked up on some very cheap sale items. I also loaded some money onto a gift card from Kohl's. I'm going to try to pick up a few things from their clearance sale, which is nearing its end, before every good thing is gone. Since some of the stuff I bought from Penney's is too big for me, and Penney's clearance stocks are already depleted, I'm hoping to get a least one decent jacket that fits me from Kohl's. Now that I know the jacket that burned up was not a 46 but a 44, I won't be mistakenly ordering over-sized stuff again.

Even though the apartment is now mostly dry, things still feel somewhat disarranged. It doesn't smell damp, but I was unable to do laundry for two days and I'm just about out of pants. I hope I can get everything washed tomorrow, but that will depend on whether the people in the apartments that got even wetter than mine are still hogging the laundry room. But if it rains tomorrow as expected I'll probably be stuck here all day, so I can be watchful and quickly seize any opportunity that arises.

There have been quite a few fire cat adoptions recently— more than there have been reunions, or newly trapped cats. I like to see the cats who have been waiting in the shelters get new homes, though not as much as I like to see them reunited with their former households, but watching those online communities to see if any of my cats show up has become exhausting. I'd really like to give it up, but can't while there is any chance any of mine have survived. It's pretty close to five months now, though. The odds don't look good.

Past midnight and I still haven't made any dinner. At this rate I'll be getting to sleep about dawn. I'll miss the whole rainy day, and any windows of opportunity to grab the laundry room. Well, there are supposed to be more rainy days coming up, and who needs clean pants when they are stuck at home looking at Internets? But I do need to cook something before my brain gets any fuzzier. I wonder when that much-delayed rain will get here?