March 31st, 2019

caillebotte_man at his window

Indoors, Despite the Mild Day

The weekend is gone and I didn't get to Safeway. The current sale has two more days to run, but those days are apt to be rainy. It seems unlikely I'll get a ride, and neither Safeway is convenient to get to by bus, especially in the rain. Too bad, as there were some good buys this week, and I had a coupon for a free carton of ice cream which expired today. If Chico were not such an unpleasant place to walk, and my ingrown toenail not likely to act up when I walk too far, I'd just head for the nearest of the two on foot. It's only about a mile and a half, but it's a pedestrian-hostile mile and a half.

I won't starve, of course, the larder bursting with foods, and two other grocers within easy (though still unpleasant) walking distance. I could come close to starving, of course, but it would be due to forgetfulness or procrastination, not from lack of food. I still haven't fixed any dinner tonight, because I keep letting myself get distracted. So much Internet, so little time.

The flowers on the fence-hugging bush appear to be procrastinating, too. At last they are taking their time blooming. The dozen or so that bloomed last week are already withering, but another dozen have now emerged, and a couple dozen buds show signs of opening very soon. Still, I'm beginning to doubt that the bush will become a big white cloud of flowers as I'd hoped it would, its progress being so slow. There are hundreds of buds waiting to open, but the weather is cooling again, and more rain is coming. I failed to go anywhere at all today, so I hope I'll get a break in that rain so I can go out tomorrow or Tuesday.

But that mockingbird keeps singing every day. This evening it sang long after the sun had set and the color was draining from the sky. If I go out before dawn I hear it, too. It likes that slow-blooming bush, and spends quite a bit of the day in it. It might even be nesting in it, but the growth is too thick for me to see. I do sometimes hear a more monotonous chirping such as a baby bird might make, but it really seems too early in the season for hatchlings. Perhaps there is just some small bird who likes to hang out and listen to the mockingbird, as I do.

I really should be fixing some dinner before I get too tired to do it, as I did last night. But I do hate to cook. I wish I could just eat seeds and berries and worms and insects like a bird. It couldn't be much worse than the stuff I usually make.

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