March 17th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


After a trip to Safeway we finished getting the futon assembled, but ran out of time to put the nightstand together. I stretched out on the completed futon and, though it is harder than the couch I used to have on the ridge I still ended up taking an unintentional nap on it. I'll have to be careful of that. It was a disruptive habit I had. But then it was a tiring day today, especially since I woke up too early again.

I don't know if it was the fumes from the new polyvinyl-chloride (or whatever it is) upholstery, but during the nap I had a dream of which I remember only a brief snatch. I was being shown through a house by a woman, perhaps a Realtor, who told me that when we drove down the block to reach the house we were passing through the neighborhood of the band Death Head Eaters, who had all grown up in the area. I woke up at the point where the thought had formed in my mind to tell the woman that I didn't catch her inflection and to ask her whether the band was called Death Head Eaters, Death Head Eaters, or Death Head Eaters. I'm glad I woke up then, and hope the dream does not recur, as I'd like the answer to remain an eternal mystery to me.

After I woke up I didn't feel like cooking dinner so I just microwaved an InnovAsian Rubber Orange Chicken Rice Bowl. It was not half bad, which means it was only slightly more than half good, but it was easy to fix. It was also a bit too small, so I ended up fixing a bowl of ramen to follow it. Now I'm stuffed, and don't are go to sleep for at least a couple of hours or I'll be miserable tomorrow. But I have stuff to read that might keep me awake.

Most of the relatives are going out of town to one place or another this week, so I'll be pretty much on my own from Sunday until Wednesday. Being on my own for four days is so not unusual that I wondered why they even bothered to tell me. Actually, I'm going to see if can get one of the cat rescue volunteers to take me to a couple of shelters on Tuesday. There are now a few cats I can imagine might be mine that I'd like to visit in person.

But tomorrow I'm going to check the new K-mart ad first thing to see if they add anything to their clearance sale this week. I have thirty dollars worth of bonus points I got from buying the futon and they expire Tuesday. If the damn thing is going to give me weird dreams at least I can have them while wearing some new clothes or resting my head on a new fancy couch pillow.
caillebotte_man at his window


I think I want another one of those naps (though preferably without the dreams) which is why I'm not going to lie down. Having a nap at this time of night would give my whole schedule the fantods. I'll just try to stay awake and not fall out of this chair. But it's getting really hard to keep my eyes open.

This afternoon I did manage to get to K-mart, but it was a disappointment. I hoped to get a couple more lightweight shirts for the warm season, at least, but they had nothing. Instead I used my bonus points to buy kitchen and cleaning gear for the apartment. I have a wet-dry mop, a non-feather duster, and a stainless steel mixing bowl with matching measuring devices, large and small, and a French whip. I looked for a traditional egg beater, but they have none. As rarely as I mix things I don't need an electric mixer, and have no room to store one anyway. But what the hell became of hand-powered egg beaters?

I also stopped at Trader Joe's for milk and beer, and to look for rye bread. No rye bread. I couldn't find any at Safeway the other day either. I hope I can get out tomorrow to look at Raley's. If they don't have any I have no idea where to go. Maybe everybody is sold out because of all the leftover corned beef everyone will be making sandwiches with. That's what I want it for. If I can't find any maybe I'll get a package of onion rolls. All I know is I can't make a corned beef sandwich on ordinary bread.

There as something else I intended to do tonight, but I can't remember what it is. I blame the un-taken nap. Also the unseasonable warmth, which might also be responsible for the desire to nap. My brain is as sluggish as, well, a slug. I suppose I'll remember whatever it is tomorrow, then berate myself for forgetting it tonight. I think I would feel better if I could go out onto my back porch and listen to the frogs. But I have no back porch anymore, and there still are no frogs to hear around here. Maybe I'll settle for going into the tiny backyard and listening to the helicopters flying over, and the trains passing on the other side of town. It won't be the same, though.

W. S. Merwin died earlier this week, so you can guess what I'm posting for tonight's Collapse )