March 14th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Wednesdays Undoings

Though I'd intended to go to the bank today, I left the apartment a bit too late and missed the bus, so I went to the Goodwill Store instead, and found a big book of photographs of Barcelona. Had I gone tomorrow it might have been sold already, so maybe it was lucky I missed the bus. I hope to get to the bank tomorrow. It's supposed to be mostly cloudy, but no rain is forecast.

For dinner I made a pot of beans, but forgot to put in the onion, so they weren't quite as tasty as the last batch I made. There is enough left in the pot for another meal, so I'll try to remember to pick up another box of cornbread mix to go with it. Then I'll have to get something for another meal for the rest of the cornbread to go with. Meal planning is just a vicious circle. Sometimes a viscous circle, if I overcook something, but luckily that didn't happen this time.

Still no arrangements for getting the futon assembled, nor for getting out to see the cats, nor for just about anything else I ought to be doing. I'm going to blame that mockingbird who sings in the back yard every day. It is obviously hexing me because it knows I have no cats to protect me anymore.

On This Very Day

So I got the banking done, and then bought some foods a Save Mart, which included the fixings for what my mom always called a New England boiled dinner, though it has no shellfish in it, it's just corned beef and cabbage, with potatoes, carrots and onions and a bit of celery, of course. I had some orange bell pepper getting close to going bad so I got experimental and put some of that in, too.

I don't know how the Irish-American ancestors (the Irish Irish ancestors wouldn't give a rat's ass, I'm sure) would feel about something orange in corned beef and cabbage, but then the Ulster Scots ancestors would be pleased, had they not already disowned me for being part Irish, not to mention English, German, French, Schweizerdeutsch, and unidentifiable traces of other things.

But Saint Patrick's Day brings out my ordinary, non-Ulster Scottish bargain hunting traits and frugality (my American extravagance I save for other holidays) and the stuff for the pseudo-Irish meal was a good deal. Everything I needed came to about twelve bucks out of pocket, and I got back bonus points worth four bucks, so it will be eight dollars for about five meals, plus there will be potatoes and carrots and onions and cabbage left over for additional meals.

Naturally the futon is not yet assembled, and the cats not yet found, nor the cat who might be Shorty visited, but at least the check for the rent won't ounce, and the month is almost half over and only two more bills to come, and probably only two more grocery shopping days. I think I can afford to indulge myself with some Guinness. It's on sale, too, but at another store.

What I'd really like to indulge myself with is a lightweight coat for the upcoming warmer weather. Unfortunately the stores that sell such luxury items are on the far end of town, and somewhat scattered even there, so it will take either a ride (unlikely) or some careful planning around the bus schedules an then getting up earlier in the day than I've been doing. See, even dull lives are not without their problems. Stupid problems, to be sure, but problems.

I think those vegetables must be done by now. I got started cooing late, so it's going to be a near-midnight dinner. So much for getting up earlier tomorrow.