March 3rd, 2019


Dryish Day

There was some rain last night, but it cleared up this afternoon so I was able to go out and get some things at CVS and Trader Joe's and, as usual, I stopped at the Goodwill store to check on their books and furniture. Nothing to speak of in furniture, but I found a marvelous catalog from a 1984 exhibition of Impressionist paintings at the L.A. County Museum of Art. The exhibit was part of the Olympic Arts Festival that year, and though I was still in Los Angeles at that time I missed it, but now I have the museum's oversized paperback catalog, which is very nicely printed on heavy stock, with over a hundred color plates. All the usual suspects are there, including Renoir, Monet, Pissarro, and there is even a Caillebote.

The rain is supposed to start up again tonight, and continue into Tuesday at least, so it's unlikely I'll be able to get a rid to Safeway this week, and I won't want to be taking the bus to the other distant stores. If I need anything I'll have to hope for breaks in th rain long enough for me to get to the stores that are nearby. But I did pick up beer today, and I can't imagine running out of anything else, so aside from the likelihood of going stir crazy from being stuck in the apartment I'm set.

A couple of cats showed up in the rescue pages today, either of which might be Shorty, my black feral cat. They haven't said yet which shelter they'll be going to, but if it turns out to be one of those nearby I'll try to arrange transportation to get there. More likely one or both will be sent to Marysville, which is a long way from here.

The mockingbird and the mourning dove both sang this afternoon when the sun started peeking through the clouds. I enjoy the mockingbird, but the mourning dove reminds me of sitting in my back yard in Paradise, with the cats napping nearby.