February 27th, 2019



Another day of persistent rain and frequent strong wind has kept me indoors. I didn't even go out to check the mailbox. There have been evacuation orders for some places along the river. Some of the places being evacuated are RV parks full of refugees from the fire zone who haven't been able to find anywhere else to live. The RV parks were built for the summer trade, when the river is low, and are usually empty this time of year, but they've been opened because housing is in such short supply all over the region.

Quite a few cats have been brought in or sighted today, but the greatest part of them are tabbies, and none of them my only tabby, Porky. It must be pretty nasty on the ridge tonight, with the wind and rain. It's pretty nasty here, for anyone venturing outdoors, and it's more likely than not going to continue tomorrow. I'll probably stay in again. A respite is expected Thursday, and I'm ready for it. I'm starting to go stir crazy here.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Although we didn't get any rain after I woke up, the roof did start leaking again last night and I had to wait around for the roofer to come and re-patch it. By that time it was too late (and too cold) to go out so I just stayed here again. Maybe I can go out tomorrow.

This afternoon the mockingbird who visits my back yard was trying to cheer me up for quite a while. I still haven't gotten a good look at it as it is always hidden in the bush that grows along the back fence. I enjoy listening to it, but it's got the noise of the freeway almost drowning it out. I still can't get used to the racket here. Now that it's close to midnight the traffic has thinned out enough that the noise is only intermittent, but it's still annoying. And there aren't any night birds to take advantage of the relative quiet.

I'm pretty sure there's stuff I have to do tomorrow but at the moment I can't remember what it is. If I wake up as late as I did today it might not get done anyway.

End of February tomorrow. Still no cats.