February 25th, 2019


This Was Saturday.

The patch of sky I can see from my small, walled-in back yard is mottled with pale gray from the clouds that reflect the lights of the town. I have no idea where the moon is. I could look it up on the Internet but that's not the same as looking up in the sky and being surprised by it. It's quiet out, for Chico, with only the sound of a few cars going by on the freeway or the nearby streets now and then. There's bound to be a train going by soon enough, though.

There have been sprinkles off and on all day, but not enough to make any real mud in the dirt part of the back yard. The small cement pad outside the door is wet, and would probably be shiny if it didn't have a layer of dirt and small leaves on it. The former owners of the apartments took the public brooms from the laundry room when they left, and the new landlords haven't replaced them yet. I suppose I could buy an outdoor broom for myself, but there'd be nowhere for me to store it.

The sprinkles were far enough apart this afternoon that I was able to go to Grocery Outlet and buy a box of breakfast donuts to last through next Friday. I checked K-mart first to see if their winter clearance selection is still big enough that I could afford to wait for the prices to drop a bit more. I'd gotten an email from them touting the hoodies I like and hoped that meant they'd have gotten them in stock again at this store, but there were none. If I want one I'd probably have to order it online, but I've had bad luck with online ordering from K-mart. Half the stuff they delivered was not the size I'd ordered, and two items I ordered they had just quit carrying and never sent, so it just seems more trouble than it's worth. It's no wonder that the company is in bankruptcy again.

There's no telling whether tomorrow will be as rainy as predicted, but it's very likely that Monday will be. I've been unable to arrange transportation to go see the tom cat who might actually be Portia, and it's unlikely I'll be able to do so during the stormy days. The cat matchers online sent me a couple of photos of other cats who might be mine today, but I don't see a good match among them.

I have to do some dishes (made a fairly decent stew tonight, and there's one more serving for another night) and then I guess I'll read myself to sleep. It was easier falling asleep in front of the television, since the television didn't fall off the bed and bang loudly on the hard floor the way the books often do.

Oh, there goes the midnight train. I'm late again.
caillebotte_man at his window


Okay, I've officially slipped out of the normal time stream. For two days I've thought it was a day earlier than it was, and put titles on my entries saying that they were about the previous day because I posted them after midnight, but they weren't about Friday and Saturday, they were about Saturday and Sunday. I completely lost track of where I was in the calender. So today has been Monday, and all day I thought it was Sunday. I've even been trying to decide what to post for Sunday Verse, which ought to have been posted yesterday. I've forgotten what day it was before, but never for three days in a row (or perhaps more, since I don't remember when I first got off track.) Old folks home here I come!

But there was rain all day today, and wind blowing it about. The storm is expected to reach its peak tomorrow, and continue into Wednesday. The gutter in front of this place is already in deep flood, as I discovered when, on realizing it was Monday and the trash had to be taken out, I pulled the wheelie bin and stepped into a stream two feet wide and at least four inches deep. My shoes and socks are soaked. Ah, well, there will probably be more snow added to the already fairly deep pack in the mountains. Maybe Oroville Lake will actually fill up this spring when that snow begins melting.

But dinner is ready. It took much longer to cook than I'd expected. Carnitas can be like that. It smells pretty good. I wish I had the cats here to share it with.

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