February 16th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


After the landlord's agent came by to inspect the leak in the roof, I had time to go out for the first time since Tuesday, and was glad for the relief from the monotony. I had intended to go to Trader Joe's for more beer, which I don't really need yet, but stopped by the Goodwill store on the way and got hung up looking at the used books. They had a copy of the last volume of the Harry Potter series so I bought it and now have all seven books. That should keep me busy for a while.

It was almost dark by the time I left the store and I was getting hungry so I stopped at Taco Bell and picked up a burrito for dinner, which was a relief from my own cooking (which gives you a clue as to the quality of my cooking skills.) The showers that were predicted for today never arrived, so maybe those predicted for tomorrow will also absent themselves, which means I can go get that unnecessary beer. The store has a couple of odd,inexpensive brands I'd like to try. Maybe they will be crap and maybe they won't, but at least they will be alcoholic, and at least I'll have another reason to go out.

A couple of new cats were sighted today and a couple more were trapped, but again none of them were mine. There were several reunions of cats and dogs wit their owners, though, which is always nice to see, but also some notices that remains of animals had been found, two of them a pair of cute dogs I'd particularly been hoping would be found alive. Those stories always leave me downhearted. There have been way too many of them, and too few of the reunions. I'm glad that the volunteers are still searching, and trapping and feeding, but I'll also be glad when the whole thing is over. It's exhausting to watch it day after day.


A roofer came and looked at the roof this afternoon and put a patch on the leaky spot, and left his number to call if it starts leaking again in the next rain. There are supposed to be light showers again tonight, but I doubt they will come, and if they do they wouldn't be sufficient to reopen the leak. The next rain, showers again, isn't due until Wednesday, and then there could be more showers early the following week, but it looks like the serious rain is over for now. It's likely to be along time before the roofer's patch gets tested.

The serious cold is going to hang around for more than a week, though, with some nights getting down into the twenties. Days should all be in the fifties clear into March. It's like it's neither winter nor spring. Maybe it's spinter. Or wring. Some season no decent place would have, as far as I'm concerned, bo it ended up here. Still, I'd be sorry to see it replaced by a warm season before I have a chance to get some lighter weight shirts and a couple of jackets. The one jacket I've picked up since I got here is even heavier than the one I brought down with me.

After the roofer left I was free to go out, so I went to K-mart and bought yet another flannel shirt, since that's all they had on sale, then to Trader Joe's for beer and milk. K-mart did have a decent windbreaker on sale, but not in my size, and it lacked any inside pockets, which I really need, especially now that I have to carry a cellphone around. Aside from that, the store had nothing lighter weight on sale. I'm likely to have to go to the damned mall, or Kohl's, which is near the damned mall, and that neighborhood is not easy to get to.

There were crows hanging around in K-mart's parking lot. I don't recall seeing crows in Chico before now. I used to see them daily on the ridge. I see about as many squirrels here as I did up there, but here they are usually running along Comcast's coaxial cables. But I haven't seen a single acorn woodpecker here, even though Chico has its share of oak trees. Maybe the woodpeckers just like the higher elevation. I miss those little guys and their goodnight squawks. Not anywhere near as much as I miss the cats, of course, and probably not even as much as I miss the quiet, but I do miss them.

But I think I miss my brain most of all. It doesn't seem to want to work anymore. It sits there like a big lump inside my skull doing nothing, unless forgetting can be considered doing something. I was sure there was something else I was going to write about, but it's just vanished. I guess I'll go out in the chill and watch the gibbous, yellow moon from my tiny, walled back yard for a while. I wouldn't be able to see any stars even if that layer of thin clouds wasn't there, but maybe I'll see the blinking lights of an airliner headed for Sacramento. I'll hear trains passing, and maybe I'll hear geese flying over. Geese won't make up for the absence of the acorn woodpeckers, but at least they'll sound like a night in my old back yard.