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February 15th, 2019 - Weather, Or Not — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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February 15th, 2019

Dismal [Feb. 15th, 2019|12:03 am]
Right now I'm eating ice cream. I've been oddly anxious and sad all day, and it occurred to me that ice cream might counteract that. So far it isn't working. The Internets provided insufficient distraction, too. Not even the unexpected emergence of the sun this afternoon and the unveiling by swift clouds of the pale half moon lifted my mood, nor has the sight of the now-bright moon among thin clouds, seen though the bare branches of an oak on the other side of the trail.

Maybe it's because I haven't been farther from this apartment than the mailbox for the last two days. Maybe it's the accumulated irritations of adjusting to my altered circumstances. Maybe it's the persistent discomfort of the headache stemming from the lack of a neck adjustment for three months. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't had sight or news of my cats in almost 100 days, and the last sight I had was not a happy one.

Whatever the reason it has been a dismal day, and I'm glad it's over. It's midnight. Now to get through the night.
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