February 13th, 2019

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Smoky and Wet

Tonight I got distracted while making dinner by doing too many things at once, and forgot that I had garlic toast under the boiler. It burned, and the oven set off its alarm, and when I opened the oven door the smoke got into the room and set off the apartment's smoke alarm. I had no idea how to turn the thing off, but after getting the burnt toast into the sink and making it wet I opened the front and back doors and turned on the vent fans above the stove and in the bathroom, and after a while the alarms shut up.

However, the oven display is now flashing "F 10" which, when I looked it up online, turns out to be what happens when the oven gets overheated. It has cooled off now, but the display is still flashing, which the web site tells me means that there is something damaged in the mechanism which will have to be fixed before I can use the oven again. I hope it isn't too costly,though the repair process as described by the web site seems rather elaborate. Normally the landlord would be responsible for repairing a failed appliance, but in this case it was clearly the result of my inattention to what I was doing, so I intend to pay whatever the repair cost is. Mechanical devices and I have never gotten along very well.

Other than that unwanted excitement it was a dull day, with rain coming down most of the time. There is also a small leak in the ceiling, which is definitely not my fault. I suspect that the downspouts are clogged, and since the roof is flat the rain pools on it. I don't know if the new landlord had the downspouts checked out in the inspection or not. If it isn't them it might be something more costly.

Anyway as I expected I was stuck here all day, and probably will be again tomorrow. Thunderstorms and strong winds are supposed to begin later tonight and continue tomorrow. Rain is now expected through early Sunday, but the worst of it should be over by tomorrow night. Maybe I'll be able to get out on Friday, which will be only partly rainy. If not I might have to wait until Sunday afternoon, since Saturday the thunderstorms will be back. But tomorrow, rainy indeed. Happy Valentine's Day. We need love because February wants to kill us all.

No new cats resembling mine trapped again today. There have been a few new sightings, but none of them resemble mine either. Three months is along time to go without cats. At least for me.