February 12th, 2019


Last Dry Day?

So I got to the bank this afternoon, and then went to the nearby branch of Raley's, a regional supermarket chain that is based in Sacramento. They are nice stores but tend to be too pricey, though today they did have a few items I wanted at sale prices no worse than the other stores' regular prices, so I splurged. Then I went to Trader Joe's and splurged again. Now I have such luxuries as maple syrup and Tillamook cheese and a huge artichoke. I'm all set for the rainy streak,which could last as long as five days but probably won't.

I dawdled a bit too long in Raley's and ended up missing the bus home even though the bus was a few minutes late, so I ended up waiting at the bus stop for over an hour until the next even later bus came along. Chico is a very dull place to wait for a bus, and a very noisy one, especially on that street, which has surprisingly heavy traffic. Fortunately I now have a cellphone and get Internet on it, so I was able to entertain myself.

Returning from Trader Joe's (a separate trip) I fixed another dinner that turned out to be too large, and ended up napping. Now that I don't have a couch I thought I could avoid those unintentional naps, but i turns out that beds induce naps too, even i your intention is merely to sit down on them for a couple of minutes. Furniture is dastardly stuff. Now it's almost midnight again, and I still haven't done the dinner dishes. The bed is suggesting I don't really have to do them, but I'm refusing to listen. I will wash those dishes and then look at pictures of cats again before I even go close to that bed.


There has been moderate rain for the last few hours, but it didn't begin until late afternoon so I was able to make a quick run to Grocery Outlet for a few things, including a few things I hadn't intended to buy. That's usually what happens when I go to a store, which is one of the reasons I don't like to shop. That's going to be a real problem now that I'm within easy walking distance of so many stores. When I went shopping once a week I couldn't buy too many things I hadn't planned on buying, but now I can end up doing that every day that every day. Convenience has its inconveniences.

But maybe not for the next few days. It's going to get windy and rainier tonight, and stay rainy tomorrow, and then on Thursday and Friday we could get thunderstorms, accompanied on Thursday by very strong winds. I might not get back out until Saturday or Sunday, when only showers are predicted. But I'll most likely be buying things I didn't intend to buy again on Monday and Tuesday, when the sun will return. That's if things go according to prediction, of course. Odds of that are not much better than the odds that I'l come back from a store with only things I'd planned to buy.

I've been looking at the Google maps of Chico and am pleased to say that at least one person here has a sense of humor. An apartment complex off of Eaton Road sports the name East of Eaton. I'm going to bet that it was named by a fan of California literature, or at least a fan of James Dean, as I don't think a Christian or observant Jew would be likely to choose that particular name. They would likely fear divine punishment, as it were (it's okay, the lightning isn't due until Thursday, and by then God will have forgotten my horrible pun. He's older than me!)

Once again I made an over-sized dinner, though not quite as extreme as the last two nights. If I keep practicing I might eventually get it right. I'm not expecting to get it right tomorrow, or the next few nights, since I've got quite a bit of stuff I have to use up before it goes bad. But once that's gone it might work out, as long as the rain keeps me from going to the stores and buying still more crap.

Not too many cats were brought in today, due mainly to the shelters still being over capacity, leaving no room for the trappers to take whoever they trap. But several long-unclaimed or recently surrendered cats are being taken to Reno (Reno!) which will free up some space, and one organization is opening a new temporary shelter in Paradise itself, so maybe in a few days the trappers can get to work again. I'll be watching their posts.