January 28th, 2019

caillebotte_man at his window

Now and Then

LJ sent me that ten year's challenge email, so I looked at some of the stuff I posted in January 2009. On the 28th I noted that I had an appointment with my chiropractor the next day. I envy my ten year ago self. The next night I was pleased with the adjustment I'd gotten and, the weather being unusually mild for January, spent the evening sitting on the porch watching Venus approach the crescent moon. My journal entry for the 29th noted that the gray cat had napped in my back yard that afternoon, and the day grew so warm that he moved into a shady spot. That gray cat was the ancestor of most of the cats I lost in the fire. It is a bit unnerving to come across that casual mention I made of him ten years ago.

Today was fairly mild, too, though there were clouds all morning. The mockingbird who was hanging around yesterday was nowhere to be heard. I woke rather late, and spent much of the afternoon in my usual pursuit of looking at pictures of cats. Later I went to checkout the 99 cent store in the shopping center. It sells many things that cost more than 99 cents, and several things that cost less. I prefer the Dollar Tree store, where everything costs a dollar, and there are many items the 99 cent store doesn't have. Sill, I did buy three items including a bottle of Kikkoman teriyaki sauce which was indeed 99 cents, and a bottle of Best Foods revenge ketchup (their retaliation against Heinz for launching a rival mayonnaise) which was only 79 cents. Also a 79 cent candy bar, which is already gone. Sic transit gloria.

I'm not sure I'll do anything tomorrow. Probably just hang around the house just in case I get a surprise chance to go somewhere. Sounds stupid, I know. Probably is stupid. At my age I think I'm allowed. But now I'm going to go read something. I think my eyes want to look at something that isn't lit from within for a while.