January 24th, 2019

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Feeling Dull

The sunlight actually felt warm today, though the air was cool. No arrangements were made for banking. I decided to go to the Grocery Outlet this afternoon once it was too late to do anything else, and ended up buying several things that had not been on my list. There is a small bag of something called Meyer lemons, which I haven't tried yet but they smell good. I picked up a jar of off-brand soy sauce, and some pre-made gnocchi and a bottle of sriracha. The cupboards no longer look bare.

The store also had some Arrowhead sparkling water in the old-style bottles they abandoned several months ago, but all they had was lemon flavored. Arrowhead made a mandarin orange flavor that was infinitely superior to the ordinary orange with which they replaced it when they changed their bottle style. I'm hoping that Grocery Outlet has some of the mandarin orange stashed away in a warehouse somewhere and it will show up at my store eventually. I had three bottles of it in my house in Paradise, which I thought might have been the last three bottles anywhere. It would be nice to get some more.

The more significant loss was the cats, of course, and once again none the photos posted today resembled any of mine. It's going on eleven weeks since the fire, and although the volunteers say there are still hundreds of cats roaming the ruins it seems ever more unlikely that any of mine are among them.

It seems I'm getting later with posting every night. I keep running out the clock and posting after midnight. I can't seem to keep track of time anymore. It must be from the excitement of living in the metropolis.
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Actually Before Midnight Tonight

As it turns out I didn't go out today except for my brief evening walk to watch the sunset. For a much of the afternoon I was busy messaging with a couple of the cat rescuers who thought they might have caught Portia, but in the end the cat they thought might be her turned out to be a neutered male. They have also trapped a dark gray cat who might be Blue Boy, but I'm not very hopeful that it is. There might be more news about him tomorrow.

This afternoon I also got my first PG&E bill for this apartment, and it was a pleasant surprise, being much lower than I'd expected it to be. That means I can afford to turn the furnace up a bit, and maybe turn on the gas fake fireplace now and then, which might make this empty room look a bit more inviting. It turns out to be much cheaper to heat this place than the house in Paradise used to cost.

However, I'm suspecting that the situation might be different come summer. In the mountains I could cool the house by opening all the windows at night and turning on the HVAC fan, but this place has few windows, and its southern side is fronted by about a hundred foot of asphalt parking lots, plus it has a flat roof with no shade falling on it. What I'm saving on winter heat I might end up spending on summer cooling.

Other news today was that the flipper/landlords have sold this place, and the new landlord will be taking over next month. My rent will be unchanged since I have a one-year lease, and the trash collection bill will now be paid by the landlord. I don't know why the flipperlords didn't have it set up that way, as it's terribly impractical to have trash collection thus dispersed in a multiple dwelling. But it's fixed now, which means my only monthly bills will be for rent, PG&E, and my T-Mobile telephone an d Internet service, which is down to $57 since the automatic payment discount has kicked in along with the geezer senior discount. Quite manageable. At least until summer.

There will have to be one more monthly bill eventually, as I really need to find a chiropractor to look after my wonky vertebrae, but once my deductible is paid each year Geezercare Medicare will be taking care of 80% of that.

Now to find a real computer. This laptop is giving me the fantods.