January 20th, 2019

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At Midnight

The particular bargains they had at the stores today led me to make a fairly large dinner tonight, and now I've got a fairly large mess to clean up. I have bought steak maybe twice a year, but eating it tonight it made me a bit sad since I don't have any kitties to share it with. I always got one big enough that those in the house could each have a bite or two (and Portia usually got a few extra bites, being the queen and all.) I really miss those cats.

The banking will have to wait until Tuesday, as it turns out the bank is closed Monday for the MLK holiday. It's supposed to be dry that day, but it should rain later tonight and tomorrow. The big surprise is that Thursday and Friday will be sunny, and if not warm at least mild for this time of year. I've been complaining about the cold, but the mild days are a reminder that summer in this place can be hellish. I should appreciate the cool while I have it, I guess.

My sister had to go up on the ridge this morning and said that below town (or town site) there was a band of thick fog— actually the clouds that kept the valley gray all day— but once they arrived in Paradise the day was bright and sunny, and a few degrees warmer than Chico. It was probably a pleasant change for the sodden cats and the trappers who are hunting for them. I hope they catch more tonight. I look forward to seeing the photos of the previous night's rescues every day.
caillebotte_man at his window


We definitely won't be seeing the eclipse here tonight. I can only tell it is happening by the absence of the brighter spot in the clouds the full moon usually produces even on a rainy night. Perhaps once the eclipse is over I will see that bright spot again, but there will be no more lunar eclipses here until 2021. Odds are pretty good I won't be around for that one.

The day was not as rainy as expected, and I walked over to Trader Joe's to replenish my beer supply and pick up a couple other items. There are some things there that aren't outrageously expensive. I picked up a can of grated Parmesan and Romano cheese to put on my spaghetti tonight, and it was pretty good. I also bought a package of their store brand taco seasoning mix, which I might try later this week.

Other than that it was an uneventful day, as most of them are anymore. I looked at rescued cat photos on the Internet and drank an extra bottle of beer with dinner. Now I'm ready to go read something in lieu of seeing English people murdering one another on television. Last time I was in the Goodwill store they had a couple of Harry Potter books on the shelf, so I bought them. The first was not among them, so I'm starting with the second. The stories are familiar to me since one of the cable channels I used to get ran the series of movies a couple of times last summer.

I can't recall if I've ever posted any of Mary Oliver's poems here. She died a few days ago, so if I haven't posted any it's about time I did.

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