January 12th, 2019

caillebotte_man at his window

The Best Laid Plans

I didn't get to go to the bank today after all, and the trip has been tentatively rescheduled for Monday. Since I thus had the latter part of the afternoon free I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things, and ended up picking up a few additional things. I bought a bundle of seven hangers, another pack of four food storage containers, a potato masher, a ceramic coffee mug, some Scotch tape, a pack of wipes for the computer and mobile phone screens (and someday maybe a television), a box of tissues, some bars of soap, a five-pack of Top Ramen, and an odd potholder which has rough rubber on one side. It is apparently to be used as a non-slip surface when you pick up a hot baking dish, but I was thinking it could serve like one of those rubber things that helps you twist tight lids off of jars. I lost one to the fire and have sorely missed it a few times since (damned pickle jars.) Altogether not a bad haul for ten bucks.

It took longer than I thought it would, there being so much to look at at Dollar Tree, and the line at the lone open checkout stand being so long and slow, so on the way home I stopped at Taco Bell and bought another of their high-end burritos. They are a bit over three bucks, which adjusted for inflation would be about 35 cents in mid-1960s money, so I ask myself if I would have paid 35 cents for such a burrito in 1965. I probably would have, though not if a better one had been available at the same price, which indeed was the case in my old neighborhood, but not in many other parts of Los Angeles in those days, nor here in Chico today. So I buy the Taco Bell burrito and don't feel too bad about it. Plenty of time to feel bad about it tomorrow.

When I got home I found a pleasant surprise waiting in my (snail) mailbox. It is a volume of Richard Wilbur's poetry— I believe it was the first collection of his work, containing the first four volumes he published, going back to 1947. I'm pretty sure someone from LJ sent it. Many thanks.

Since dinner was rather early and not too large I'm having a late snack of toast with apple butter and a mug of hot chocolate. I haven't bought apple butter in ages, considering it somewhat of a luxury due to the fact that the stores never have it on sale. Every other variety of Smucker's jams and preserves can be had at a considerable discount fairly often, but never the apple butter. I decided to splurge, since I could use a nostalgic luxury these days. I actually remember the very first time I had apple butter, when I was about seven or eight years old, when I was recovering from a fairly serious illness. It seems quite appropriate to my current situation.

A few more cats, none of whom I recognize, were posted in the rescue photo albums today. I keep thinking I hear meowing now and then, but it must be my imagination, unless the woman in the next apartment has a cat, or her child has a very unusual voice.

Oh, look what time it is. I just can't keep track of it anymore.
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Bed of Nails

My nails have been getting much too long, so in desperation I went to CVS today and bought one of their inadequate manicure sets. They only had the one style, and it wasn't until I got it home that I realized it doesn't include tweezers. It always seemed a bit odd to me that manicure sets came with tweezers— what part of your nails need tweezing?— but they did have them, so now it seems a bit odd to have a set that doesn't. There's just no pleasing some people (me.) But then I did have the perfect manicure tools for going on sixty years, so I'll just cut myself some slack on this, which I'm sure I can do better than the new tools can cut my nails.

CVS was also having a sale on Sierra Nevada beer, and it was fifty cents cheaper than it is at the other stores, so I bought a six pack of something called Sierraveza, which I've never seen before. It turns out to be a decent lager with overtones of grapefruit, though it has a hard time holding a head. The one I'm drinking right now hasn't trace of foam on it five minutes after I poured it. Presumably it is brewed for fast drinkers.

The house flipper/landlords have another prospective buyer coming to look at the place tomorrow morning around eleven. I'll have to get to sleep earlier tonight than I did last night. I didn't wake up until almost noon today. I woke up earlier but had been having a pleasant dream about my cats having followed me here from Paradise, and I went back to sleep to recapture it. I don't think I did, though, or if I did I don't remember it.

I should probably tidy the place up a bit, too. Don't want to offend somebody I might soon be paying rent to. Gee, hope they aren't the sort who are scandalized by sentences ended with prepositions. But it's unlikely they read LJ anyway. I'll just empty the trash cans and sweep the bare floors and stick the clutter away somewhere. And light the tangerine scented candle.

Going off to check the rescued cat photos one last time for the night. One or two new ones might have been added. Goodnight, kitties. I miss you.