January 5th, 2019


Not Juiced

It rained off and on all day, at times quite heavily, and after nightfall wind arose and blew sometimes fiercely. I've discovered that the wet weather somehow amplifies the noise of the freeway that is just a few hundred feet from my apartment. When I first went out this morning the loudness of it stunned me. I'm still not used to it.

I stayed up way too late last night and then slept too late this morning, but I am tired now in spite of the shortened day. I thought a nice meal would make the dull day better so I made one, but it was too large and now I am logy. I've grown accustomed to smaller meals lately, which is probably a good thing, but now I must adjust my cooking routines.

One thing I forgot when I went shopping was orange juice, which I didn't discover until I went to the refrigerator this morning. I don't know when I'll get a chance to go out again to get some, so for now I have to drink a substitute, and the only substitutes I have on hand are a bit too sweet for that early in the day. Somehow morning just doesn't seem like morning without orange juice. I wonder what people did during those long ages before orange juice was invented? Maybe that's why their lives were nasty, brutish and short. No juice! What is there to live for?

I'm living for the rescued cat reports, of course, but there were very few today. This was not surprising, given that it was a Saturday and very wet and windy. There will probably be less trapping going on for the next several days and beyond, as the long range forecast is now saying rain is likely or certain every upcoming day but Thursday, and then as many as eight more days beyond that are also apt to be wet. Good news, which does not cheer me at all. My covered porches have burned, and I have no outdoor places to get out of the rain. That orange juice might be a long time coming.