January 4th, 2019

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


The shopping is done, in preparation for the rainy week ahead, and a too-small item from K-mart was exchanged for an item that will fit better. I can't recall anything else that I accomplished today, other than getting through it. Getting through the rainy days will probably be tougher, since I won't be able to go for my brief evening walks or up the monotony of the days with brief excursions outdoors except to that small space under semi-cover that hosts my welcome mat. I think I'm really going to miss having television this week.

The one good thing about the rain (other than the fact that it is sorely needed in this drought-ridden region) is that it is going to get just a bit warmer, especially at night. The last few nights have been unpleasant for their extreme chill, which has made the furnace run more frequently, which dries out my sinuses. I wake up with a nose that feels like it has inhaled the Sahara. I've also developed a dry cough, which could be an aftereffect of all the toxic smoke I breathed in November.

There's still a list of things that need doing, only some of which I can do while stuck in the house, and at the moment I suspect I won't feel like doing any of them. I'm really tired tonight, probably from all the running around town shopping this afternoon.

This building makes funny noises, and it isn't the neighbors. There was just an odd sucking noise from the kitchen drain, and there are sometimes sounds like drips that seem to be coming from inside the walls. The one noise I know to be the neighbors is their front door, which makes a very loud creak. There is also the furnace, which is the noisiest machine of its ilk I've ever encountered. I believe it is over-sized for the space it serves. Whether that will have an effect on my gas bill I don't know.

There's something else I have to do on the Internets before I go to sleep, and I'd better get to it. I'd really love to just crash, but the task has to do with the ongoing cat hunt, so I can't slack off. Maybe I'll have more energy tomorrow, but I wouldn't count on it.