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Sloth [Jul. 19th, 2017|10:59 pm]
It appears that I've gotten a lot slower than I used to be even a year ago. I don't notice it that much in particular activities, but the cumulative effect is that it seems like there are fewer hours in the days than there once were. Maybe I need a tonic. Maybe I should go back to drinking coffee, though that always played havoc with my sleep schedule (not to mention my anxiety levels.) Something probably needs to be done, though. This is the third night in a row that I haven't had the time (or the energy) to fix anything for dinner. If this keeps up I'll soon run out of ramen noodles.

But at least the heat was not too bad today, and last night was positively delightful in its coolness. I actually put a blanket over myself while watching television. The house only got up to 78 degrees today, and ought to cool off pretty well tonight. I'm hoping I can go shopping on Friday again this week, as it's only going to be a bit warmer than today was, while Sunday the heat will be returning to appalling levels.

After four recent ant infestations, the house has been free of the little buggers for the last couple of days. I think maybe they were taking refuge from the heat by coming indoors. While I can sympathize with their desire to cool off, I don't enjoy having them as guests. Slaughtering them without poisons (I don't want to endanger the cats) is tedious— not to mentions smelly, as wiping them up with a paper towel after spraying them with Windex crushes them, releasing lots of formic acid, which reeks. Also I don't always have a paper towel handy when I spot a group of them and then I end up squashing them with my fingers.

My growing sloth had help eating up my time this afternoon, as there were several things to watch on television, which is not always the case on weekday afternoons. I didn't even get around to making out my shopping list for the week. I'm hoping there isn't too much I want on sale again, as I've burned through my grocery budget pretty fast again this month, and I hate to miss a bargain due to being low on cash. But the cat food and kitty litter I stocked up on earlier this month should last me quite a way into August, so anything I do buy will be for me (or for my nephew, if he continues to raid my larder.)

All that television prevented me from reading much of LJ today. More television is ahead, so I hope Ive got enough time during commercial breaks to see what's been happening in LJ land. If there's any time left over I 'll go look at Facebook, but if not Facebook can go stuff itself.