November 25th, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window


This morning I went out in the bright sun and clear, cool air and was swallowed into the belly of Kmart, beast of commerce. It took quite some time to get my shopping-related tasks done, and there were various hitches due to the system the store has created. The clerk who helped me with the computerized ordering system was very nice and very helpful, but occasionally befuddled by the system herself. Had I been doing it on my own it would never have gotten done. I returned the defective shaver and ordered a new one to be delivered to the store, along with pants, shoes, and a bundle of washcloths. I hope they will arrive before the end of the month.

Doing these various needful things doesn't distract me for long. I still miss my routine and there's little chance I'll be able to create much of a new one anytime soon. This strange mini-metropolis still feels alien to me. It burgeoning suburbs look like everywhere else in California, so I always have the feeling I don't know where I am, and the older parts of the town with its old houses lining shady streets have always seemed sad to me. I'd like to be in a place that doesn't match my mood so perfectly. It's a mood I'd like to leave behind.

Still no word on the cats, though several times a day I look at pages of photos of animals brought down from the ridge. There are still apparently a few strays up there, and volunteers are still leaving food and water for them, but I don't know for how much longer. The handful of unburned houses in the town will not be reinhabited for some time to come, so any surviving cats who have not been removed will be living in a virtual wilderness. NO consequence of this disaster gives me more sorrow.

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