November 4th, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window

Timed Out

Some bird nearby is making a sad, descending whistle for nightfall. The darkness sneaks up on me the first day of standard time, and leaves me feeling melancholy. The bird isn't cheering me up. But the sunset is nice. The sky glows red from southwest to north, and above, where thin clouds have gathered. The upper parts of the pines to the east, especially those still clinging to a lot of brown needles, flush with light while the lower oaks have already fallen into darkness. The sad serenity of twilight is greeted by a distant dog's occasional bark.

A couple of hours pass, and full darkness descends, and it feels later and later. The waning crescent moon won't be rising until after midnight, which seems much closer than it is. I'm sure I'll be asleep long before moonrise, and then awake again not long after that. These November nights are long.

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