October 16th, 2018

caillebotte_the balcony

Still Mild But Not Still

Two days ago the rain was predicted to arrive nine days later. Yesterday it was predicted eight days later. Today it is back to nine days from now. I was looking forward to it being only a week away. Betrayed by meteorologists! Oh, the shame of it! But I'm not angry with you, weather. I'm just terribly disappointed.

There, let's see if that works.

Today I got to have the windows open a long time, and washed a load of laundry and dried it outdoors in the bright sun and balmy breeze. The afternoon was somewhat disturbed by someone using a noisy leaf blower across the street, but after the infernal machine was silenced it was a pleasant enough day to be outdoors, as long as I remained in the shade. The direct sunlight is still much too warm. The days won't be cooling down until the middle of next week (when the unreliable rain was supposed to arrive.)

But of course the nights remain cool, and even with some effective heat capture by day the house has lately been chilling enough before dawn that the furnace has been running every morning. Most of the cost will be on November's gas bill, though, and I think I'll probably get away for less than a hundred bucks on the bill that should arrive in a day or two. October is the last month I can save very much toward the first installment of property taxes, so a small bill this month is a very good thing.

There was one of those unintentional evening naps again today, and though it was brief it was very annoying as it came late in a movie I was watching, causing me to miss the ending. Chances are I'll be dead before they show that movie again and I'll never find out how what happened happened (it was a movie from the 1950s so I know everything worked out well for the main characters— though I don't know if any of the villains got shot.)

I suppose I might find that movie on Netflix of Hulu, but I don't subscribe to those. Slow DSL, you know, plus taxes to pay. Ah, well, life is full of mysteries. Unless there turns out to be an afterlife I'll never find out what happens to me, either, as I'll be dead once I've died. And I guess that means I won't care what happened anyway, to me or the characters in the movie. Another point in favor of mortality! Hooray!