October 14th, 2018

caillebotte_man at his window

October Mildness

The shopping is done, and I spent several dollars more than I should have, but I'll enjoy the extravagances I bought. Once the really cold weather sets in I won't be able to afford so many luxuries, as the gas bill will be going way up. Make foolish choices while the sun shines, as the old saying almost goes, and the sun was certainly shining today, though the gusty wind kept me from getting too warm while outdoors.

In the end it turned out to be about five degrees warmer today than had been predicted. Tomorrow is supposed to be much the same as today, though not as windy. I got rid of those fallen leaves the other day just in time to make room for a new mess of them. I won't know just how many until tomorrow's morning sun reveals them, but so far there is quite an impressive strew of them. I'll try to get them cleaned up before the next rain, which the forecast is now tentatively predicting for a week from Tuesday. Until then the days are all expected to be pretty warm.

This persistent mildness is pleasant, but has me a bit worried about whether or not we'll be getting a winter at all this year. I know that such a year will arrive eventually, but I'm hoping it won't be this year. I find myself imagining winter lately, even though autumn has barely begun. Considering the fact that I like autumn far more than I do winter this is a bit strange, and I have no idea why the thought has begun to occupy my mind, unless it is that fear at the back of it that winter itself might one day be lost (here, at least) to the changing climate. That would be a sad loss.

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