October 6th, 2018



Tonight's unintentional evening nap lasted from about seven o'clock until eleven o'clock. MY head is still full of... well, I used to say cotton wool, but I recently found out that cotton wool is cockney rhyming slang for masturbation ("have a pull") so I don't know what non-ambiguous term to call that feeling anymore. Anyway it feels like my head is stuffed with something that makes it difficult for me to focus.

I did get to have the windows open for a while today, but the fresh air doesn't seem to have helped with the sleeping disruption. It's pleasantly cool outside right now, but going out didn't do much to wake me up either. The only part of me that feels fully awake is my stomach, but that's because I ate pizza for dinner and now the acid it produced is eating me back. I think I have to write this day off.