September 27th, 2018



Well, rats. The prediction of rain has been shriveled down to a peak possibility of 18%. Disappointing. Clouds are still predicted for Monday, and it will be cool most of the week, but that doesn't make up for the loss of the rain. I was really looking forward to it. Get your act together, clouds! October deserves rain!

I slept quite a while last night, and so didn't have to nap this afternoon. I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep this afternoon anyway, after seeing the angry, contorted faces of certain persons on the Internet. Those guys got incredibly ugly. Their outsides finally match up perfectly with their insides, I guess, but what nasty things those expressions were to behold. I expect to have nightmares about them.

The waning moon has risen, and the cool night is pleasant both to see and too feel. For a while there was an odd smell int he air, which I suspect to have been from someone drying laundry that had been washed with a strange-scented detergent. It smelled a bit like rotting grapefruit. But it's gone now, think goodness, and the night once again smells of pine trees and dry grass and decaying leaves. It does not yet smell exactly like autumn, but it's getting close. Maybe once the days turn cool it will.